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Blackpool Airport Parking Voucher Codes

Blackpool Airport flys to over 20 European destinations.

There are currently no Blackpool Airport Parking Voucher Codes. We only display voucher codes that are active and you can use today, we don't list voucher codes that have expired, so sometimes there aren't any. Sorry about that.

Parking types available at Blackpool Airport

Find out more about Blackpool Airport at the official Blackpool Airport web site.

Blackpool Airport

Passenger Parking

Free car parking to all departing passengers! Take your ticket on entrance to one of their Passenger Parking car parks and on your return, validate your ticket at the pay machines located in the Arrivals Hall before exiting the terminal. Free passenger parking is for a maximum of 15 days, after that, the tariff is £10.00 per day.

P1&P2 Car Park: Up to 15 days free. Over 15 days £10.00 per day.

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