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Edinburgh Airport Parking Voucher Codes

Book your Edinburgh Airport car parking online to get the best deal. Transfers to the airport run every few minutes from the car parks.

There are currently no Edinburgh Airport Parking Voucher Codes. We only display voucher codes that are active and you can use today, we don't list voucher codes that have expired, so sometimes there aren't any. Sorry about that.

Parking types available at Edinburgh Airport

Find out more about Edinburgh Airport at the official Edinburgh Airport web site.

Edinburgh Airport parking options

Edinburgh Airport have a number of options open to you offering convenience and competitive prices. To find car parking at Edinburgh Airport for your trip visit our Edinburgh Airport parking website.

Their recommended airport parking at Edinburgh is secure and well maintained. The car parks are located close to the airport terminal, with quick transfer times.

Edinburgh Airport Long Stay Parking

Long Stay Parking is suitable for all travellers going on holiday or longer trips away.


150 exclusive bays with a dedicated entry lane providing fast and convenient parking. Only 1 minute walk to terminal check-in, fastTRACK is the most efficient parking you.

Airport Parking Companies We List Voucher Codes For