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Gatwick Airport Parking Voucher Codes

There are six car parks at Gatwick Airport servicing the North and South terminals, and even before using a voucher code you can get parked for under £7 per day. Buses run from the car parks to the terminals 24 hours a day, and there is 24 hour car park security

There are currently no Gatwick Airport Parking Voucher Codes. We only display voucher codes that are active and you can use today, we don't list voucher codes that have expired, so sometimes there aren't any. Sorry about that.

Parking types available at Gatwick Airport

Find out more about Gatwick Airport at the official Gatwick Airport web site.

On Airport Parking at Gatwick

Long Stay, Gatwick North Terminal

Buses run every ten minutes from the car park to the North Terminal.

Long Stay, Gatwick South Terminal

Transfers go every ten minutes from the car park to the South Terminal and take just four minutes. There is a Long Stay Plus service where your car is parked for you as you get onto the bus.

Gatwick Summer Special

The Summer Special car parking at Gatwick is a little further away - transfers take around 7 minutes and the buses only run every 20 minutes or so, so as a result the parking slightly cheaper than the other long stay car parks,

Off Airport Parking at Gatwick

The off airport parking is better value for money, and have a short transfer to the airport terminals. Transfers run every fifteen minutes, and take around ten minutes.

Meet and Greet Parking at Gatwick Airport

Want stress free airport parking? Go for the meet and greet option and start your holiday in style!

Gatwick Meet and Greet

You will be met near to the airport terminal (either North or South) and your car will be taken to a secure site while you stroll to the departure lounge. Your car will be brought to you when you return.

Gatwick Valet Parking

Valet parking is available. So you can treat your car to a clean while you're on holiday.

Maple Manor Meet and Greet

Available at the North and South terminals, if you want to give your car a treat you can get valet parking, which means your car will be hand washed and leather dried while you're away.

Gatwick Airport Parking Tips

  • Book As Soon As You Can Booking more than 30 days in advance will usually get you a cheaper price than pre-booking alone. Take care though, some special advance bookings can't be changed or cancelled.
  • Off Site Parking Gives Best Value The offsite poarking is better value, but you need to be a little more prepared and get to the airport that bit earlier.
  • Use the Airport Parking Voucher Codes before They Expire Most voucher codes have an expiry date, make sure you use them before they expire.

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